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5 Awesome Things for Your Family to Do and See During Your Georgia Camping Trip

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Famed for its friendly residents, one-of-a-kind cuisine and hidden gems for campers, Georgia represents a prime place to rough it if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in the heart of the south during your next vacation.

While other southern camping hotspots such as the Carolinas are famed for their mountain views, don’t count out what the Peach State has to offer those eager to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re searching for RV rentals in Atlanta and its surrounding areas or a scenic view to set up camp, Georgia has you covered and then some.

Below we’ve outlined five must-see sights and essential activities for visiting families. Although you may not get to experience all of these attractions during your first trip, it’s all the reason to come back again!

Experience Stone Mountain

You can’t talk about camping in Georgia without talking about Stone Mountain. A fantastic spot for Civil War buffs, Stone Mountain’s fascinating history and breathtaking monument has to be seen to be believed. Scaling the five-mile-wide mountain is quite the trek in and of itself, meanwhile the on-site campground offers visitors a premiere photo op for campers.

See Savannah Right

If you’re looking to experience Georgia’s old-school architecture and scrumptious southern cuisine, Savannah is the spot to be. Walking and culinary tours are available year-round for those who can’t make up their mind on what to do. Meanwhile, the city’s historic district is full of parks and museums, including the majestic Owens-Thomas house, and offers multiple days worth of fun for families.

Check Out Cascade Springs Nature Reserve

Creeks, waterfalls and wildlife. Need we say more?

Cascade Springs Nature Reserve offers visitors a potential up-close and personal view of native birds and turtles, as well as a series of moss-covered trails and rocks. Ideal for those who don’t mind a bit of climbing and getting dirty, this beautiful spot is a prime place to wear out the kids!

Walk the East Palisades Trail

Located along the Chattahoochee River, the East Palisades Trail is considered somewhat of a best-kept secret for hiking enthusiasts. With the shorter trail expanding four miles and offering an amazing view of Atlanta, it’s the perfect stop for those with little ones (not to mention the trial is totally dog-friendly, too).

Spend a Day Downtown

Just because you’re looking to enjoy nature doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time dwelling in the city, right?

Consider making a trek to downtown Atlanta at some point during your trip if you don’t mind braving a bit of traffic in the process. Beyond traditional attractions including the epic Georgia Aquarium and the city’s famed sports franchises, you can spend a beautiful day outdoors at Centennial Olympic Park. Family and pedestrian-friendly, a bit of time in the big city is a great way to round off your trip and get the full Georgia experience.

If you want an authentic, unforgettable camping experience in the south, look no further than Georgia. Quieter and comfier than many of the pricier campgrounds out there, there’s no shortage of reasons to come back for more outdoor family fun.