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3 Cool Places to Use the Best Portable Vaporizer

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For a lot of the people I know that use vaporizers, here in Montreal, Quebec, a lot of it has to do with the impossible winters here. With such heavy snow and wind, and absolutely bitingly cold, it’s almost impossible to enjoy smoking in any form, even a quick one hitter pipe is no match for such conditions. That’s why most of my friends that do vape, made sure to get the best portable vaporizer they could afford just to be able to enjoy a quick session in the comfort of their home, rather than having to brave the cold. When summer time rolls back around of course, well it’s time to bust out the rolling papers, pipes, and bongs, and enjoy the sun. Still though, vaporizing is a much healthier habit for consuming cannabis than smoking is, so if this kind of scenario sounds familiar to you, it might be worth a bit of conscious effort to try and continue using your vaporizer even in the summer. Trust me, I know nothing can replace the nice smooth smoke of a tasty joint in the hot summer sun with a breeze cooling you off, I know this fact very well. But here’s a few extra uses you can find for your portable vaporizer to get the best out of it all year round instead of just in the dead of winter.

  1. Movie theatres. This isn’t really recommended but tons of people do it anyways so if you’re going to, just be sure that your vape doesn’t smell very strong. Summer time means great blockbuster hits and maybe instead of smoking a blunt with the pals before the movie, you can vape inside throughout the film instead.

  2. School. Again, you can get in trouble, but sometimes you just don’t have time to roll a joint between your classes no matter how nice it is outside, so take advantage of your vape and get a quick session going in a stall.

  3. Outdoor concerts. Lots of cities have loads of events and festivals and sometimes security is just too tight to be able to whip out a joint in the crowd. With your vaporizer, you can go unbothered even in broad daylight in a bustling city.