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10 tips to give pleasure to a woman

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You want to give pleasure to a woman you met not long ago or with whom you have shared your life for years? You want the keys to take your partner to a whole new world.

Indeed, you must have some exceptional qualities to give pleasure to a woman. And you will have to learn, or even change your behavior in bed.

That’s good, that’s the purpose of this article, you give the tips to improve and satisfy your partner.

Understanding women and their desires

You’re wondering, how do you understand women? It would be incredible to be able to read in her thoughts, remember the movie “What women think,” it is a simple solution to give pleasure to a woman.

Unfortunately for you, between movies and reality, there are some differences (unless you have superpowers). In the meantime, I offer some simple tips, but always effective to satisfy his wife.

  1. Understand your desires – unless it’s a one-night move, you normally know the person you are sleeping with (well, I hope so). So you are best placed to understand your desires. If you are not sure, it will be enough to ask her, evoking the subject can open you again horizon.
  2. Dive to the Kamasutra – as in school, to perform, you have to revise, so your books and not just any, the Kamasutra. By varying the positions from time to time, you will bring a little spice; change is often good.
  3. Sex in bed (and elsewhere) – you must balance your sex life. Sometimes, be brutal. Push it to the limit and take it with all your might, be confident. Do not ask her any questions, but immediately do what you think. Have a dominant character, it’s still your wife. Take some lessons from the movie “50 shades of gray”, why not! Sometimes it is also advisable to have sex outside the bedroom. This will revive the flame in your relationship.
  4. Romanticism at the service of pleasure – be sweet and romantic. You know that women love to feel loved. They love to smell your perfume, your body rubbing against yours. Sometimes be very attentive, and you will see that the pleasure will rise very quickly, for can be spent in a more “bestial” mode (to see according to the wishes of each of the couple).
  5. Change your habits – for example, if you tend to be dumb during the act, now be more expressive. Let her hear how you feel, the pleasure of being with her. You can not imagine what women think when you stay speechless (he does not love me, I’m not beautiful and attractive).
  6. Be natural – do not invent a personality; let yourself go to your desires. Yes, I have just told you to change your habits. I trust you to distinguish between habit and personality. Moreover, not sure that your “habits” correspond to your desires or desires (and those of your partner).
  7. The longer it takes, the better – simple, but still effective, these words apply well to preliminaries as to the serious things that come after. I invite you to take a look at our article “How enduring during love.”

The latest tips to give pleasure to a woman

Man, you need to know that you must make a lot of effort to seduce your wife. Do not think that you know how to handle everything that you already know what to do. No, you are wrong! If you care about your wife’s happiness, apart from your sincere love; so remember these different points.

  1. Be enterprising – you must know that women hate doing the job. You must make efforts and not be lazy.
  2. Small attentions for great reaction – know that women are sensitive. Sometimes they need soft words, caresses, little kisses.
  3. The foreplay is the base – do not forget to extend them. It comes down to the fact that women need caresses, especially. One woman even testified that she felt anger at her companion when he had not given enough preliminaries. So, it’s up to you.

Major tip to make your wife crazy in bed

Crazy in bed

This is a tip or completely indirect advice to the act itself. But that will have a major impact.

You have to work for the well-being of your couple. This point is quite large; it is here to stay attractive in the eyes of your campaign and keep the flame stronger than ever.

Some examples of things not to do:

  • No longer taking care of yourself (clothing, diet, physical activity, manes are numerous) -> lever of attraction.
  • No longer listening: Nothing is more annoying than someone pretending to listen to you. It’s the same thing in your relationship, be careful.
  • No longer be attentive: the bouquet of your beginning no longer exists it is a serious mistake, so go immediately buy him. It is the small gestures of everyday life that create the relationships of tomorrow (note to myself: “she is beautiful this sentence”).
  • As you can see, all the elements that make a couple healthy are to be taken into account and will have an impact on your sex life.

The word of the end give pleasure to a woman

All points may seem to you unrelated to giving pleasure to your wife, but the part “feeling” in the sexual act is more important in the woman than the man.

A couple that works with perfect attraction will only increase the desire for each other. This will have the effect of boosting one side or the other your sexual relations.

The result should be reports of much better quality and with I hope the satisfaction of your woman. Follow these 10 + 1 tricks carefully if you want to get your wife up to 7th heaven. You will see that you will succeed in things you never thought you would achieve.