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10 Reasons why you need Corporate gifts

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Corporate gifting has become such an integral part of business culture in India that its market size currently stands at $2.5 billion. But mere figures cannot make a person understand why corporate gifts are dire necessities for any business. So let us take a look at the business.

Reasons why corporate gifts are a must for promoting any business.

  1.  Direct Customer engagement

As a business enterprise, you may spend a sizeable portion of your marketing budget on advertising or promotion. But tell me how much if it directly reaches the customer?  Hardly 10%. On the contrary, every corporate gifts reaches the targeted customer by hand or mail 100%. There is absolutely no replacement for corporate gifting when it comes to direct customer engagement.

  1.  Brand Reinforcement

A corporate gift is an extra mile the company takes to cherish the customer. The customer definitely appreciates the thoughtfulness. This reinforces the brand and uplifts its integrity.

  1. Ready recall

Every customer who receives a corporate gift items is bound to feel touched and hence relates to the brand better. The customer readily recalls the brand and places on top of his list as favourites.

  1. Your brand ambassador

Business cards are handed out in plenty every day but not gifts. Customers and vendor remember you better when you present them your corporate gifts instead of visiting cards.  

Above all, your corporate gift speaks volumes of your company- its creativity, customer retention and its business standing. So choose your corporate gift with care from the right gift provider and customize it with care to enhance your company’s image.

  1.  Extensive Reach

Business cards can be handed out physically and emails can be sent but may remain unopened. But corporate gifts always reach a customer and are never returned. Irrespective of the geographic location, your corporate gift reaches your night or day, vitalizing the brand presence.

  1.  Timely and thoughtful

Corporate gifts are handed out only on occasions like New Year, Diwali, Christmas or at best, the company’s anniversary. So these gifts are timely, thoughtful and meaningful having a sentiment attached to it. Clients really appreciate these emotions and look forward to receiving these gifts every year, strengthening your bond with them.

  1.  Revives relationships

You may not have heard from a customer for a while but if you send him a corporate gift, he is bound to feel touched and will renew contact again. Corporate gifts revive business relationships and keep them open and evergreen.

  1. No compulsions

Frequent emails are irritants to customers at times and pop-up ads on their sites are invasive. But a Corporate gift is neither invasive or intruding. It does not have a tag attached to it. It is a selfless gift with no compulsions. Customers accept it for its value and its worth wholeheartedly.

  1.  Pocket-friendly

Corporate gifts are not only effective but economical too. This is why they are often procured in bulk by  pharmaceutical, finance, insurance, realty and hospitality companies. When purchasing in huge quantities, the cost of each gift is fractional and easy to accommodate the Company’s budget.

  1. Loyalty and Personal touch

Appreciate regular and long-standing customers for their loyalty and retain them for life. Customers feel heartened at receiving corporate gifts as it extends a personal touch to the company.

Choosing your corporate gift

Your corporate gift must be

  • Creative
  • Useful
  • Of premium quality
  • Personalised with custom printing
  • Reflective of your brand or company image
  • Unique and customized for branding

Corporate gifts are the best means of enriching your public relations and enhancing the social and corporate image of your company. Choose your gift with care and customize it with creativity with the help of gifting experts.