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Natural Means Better

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Due to its superior performance and longevity the most commonly used material for window and door installation, especially in new build housing construction, is uPVC. However, the benefits of traditional natural materials over modern manmade cannot be doubted, as the look and feel of real wood cannot be beat. Wood simply leaves in the dust uPVC not only in grace and natural beauty, but durability, reliability, lightness and good thermal abilities as well. This environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance material saves on bills, reduces condensation, improves peace and quiet and adds value to your property. Window installation is an important long-term investment, knowing the advantages of timber may help you to choose better material for your window framing.

Discover here the major benefits of wooden window framing.


  • Wood window frames add a natural, pleasant appeal to the property. Choose among wide range of species from maple, mahogany to oak and finish options; install painted, carved or stained to suit your taste and to improve the look of the house.
  • It is the most natural insulating materials that provides comfortable interior temperature throughout the year. Just a fact, wood framing insulation is 1,800 times better than aluminum one. Moreover, it reduces the emission of carbon from your home in winter months.
  • Timber is a highly durable material.
  • Modern wood framing window options are more resistant to the moisture and weather conditions due to different finishes.
  • They produce less environmental toxins than artificial alternatives.
  • Wood is the greenest choice for window framing. For every wood window you install instead of a PVC-U, you save around 160kgs of carbon dioxide.
  • Wood windows typically have the longest warranty (about 30 years), in comparance with a 10-year warranty of PVC-U windows.
  • Modern factory-finished wood windows need low maintenance: initial fresh coat of paint after ten years, then at seven-year intervals. They are easier to repair than PVC-u.
  • Though PVC-U windows are cheaper option, they rarely offer the best value.

Nothing looks and feels as good as wood. If your concern is longevity, beauty, long term and resale value, then wood window framing is the choice. The range of different kinds of wood ensures that you will definitely find something to suit your home perfectly, choose your own style and openings to transform your property significantly.